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MSL Yoga Community Library

My subscription library has arrived! Super excited to be able to share this with you, as a convenient, cost effective way to experience all the benefits yoga can have throughout your pregnancy as well as helping you to prepare you for birth. JOIN HERE

It is a monthly subscription to an ever expanding video library, as well as having full access to these videos at any time we will have the opportunity to meet as a community once a month via zoom where we will experience a 'Hello Circle' together, finding out a bit more about your pregnancy so far, meeting others in the community and enjoying a full hour class together.

I am always open to suggestions around specific issues you may experience and will add to my library consistently. I am only an email away so don't be shy!

Community is so important to MSL Yoga and I hope this online version helps you and others to connect during your pregnancy, to prepare for birth and to stay healthy, stretched, strong and energised.

My fertility and postnatal channels will be coming soon!

All my love,

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