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Baby Loss Awareness Week

A week we wish didn't need to exist, but a week which is so, so important to acknowledge.

Baby Loss Awareness week pulls into focus the many of us who have experienced miscarriage, pregnancy loss and baby loss.

It does not discriminate between what sort of loss we have endured but provides a focussed moment for us to remember and spread awareness around the sadness of those who experience this. It also provides tools for those who may not know how to deal with someone close to them experiencing loss in this way.

I have personally experienced 2 miscarriages during my time #ttc. They were early losses but still effected me in a way I guess, I didn't expect. The joy of knowing a child would be with us and planning for this in our minds was quickly taken away, and no matter how early we lose a baby, or whether it was a choice or not, we are affected and we can still hold a space no matter how big or small in our hearts.

This year baby loss awareness has hit me hard. Having those close to me experience baby loss multiple times this year has been overwhelmingly sad and being able to support them and carefully choose my words has been incredibly important. It is only through listening to those who have experienced this in their lives, such as Sophie from @the.intertile.midwife that I have learnt to be able to offer support for their unique and personal experience.

For anyone who has gone through loss or knows someone who has, I highly recommend taking a look at Sophie's insta account where she is speaking to a number of guests around their unique experiences.

A few quick resources are below but for a much more comprehensive take on this check out Sophie's chats and posts this week.

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