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Welcome to my in person/zoom classes & workshops!

Here you can book on to my classes and courses - held in SE London.

I specialise in yoga for Fertility, Pregnancy, Postnatal Recovery and Beyond Postnatal. My vision is to help people thrive and handle different stages of life through yogic practises, encourage community spirit and find a deep connection with the body and mind.


Fertility 4 Week Online Course & 1:1 Classes (currently taking)

Fertility yoga can provide you with that elusive (and annoying) advice to ‘Just Relax’. It’s a safe space with safe movement - including alternatives for any stage of your cycle or treatment. Having experienced infertility and gone through IVF multiple times I know as well as anyone who’s ever gambled on the TTC game that finding a space to let go can be hard. 

I can’t promise this will give you your baby, but I do hope it gives you a space to feel nourished and learn relaxation techniques to use at any time you may feel your heart race or stomach drop.

These classes are suitable for anyone trying to conceive naturally or undergoing treatment.

1:1 classes are tailored to your specific circumstance, whilst the 4 week course allows you to connect as a community online, and provides classes and alternative poses safe and appropriate for where you are on your cycle or your current treatment.


Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Pregnancy yoga will help prepare you for birth through mindful movement. Designed to keep you strong and fit through movement, teach breathing techniques to take into labour and meditation to keep you calm and rested.
My classes will give you an opportunity to meet others in your area. 

*If you prefer to practise online in your own time check out my Shop where prerecorded class packages are updated.


1-1 classes allow us to tailor a class specific to your needs. This could mean - a partner class; focussing on breath and active birth positions; or working through a specific ailment so that you can join a regular class with confidence. 

Pregnancy Yoga for Labour (2 hour workshop)

This workshop brings all the labour specific movements, breathing techniques and relaxation together in a tool kit for you to take with you through to labour. Best for those in their 3rd trimester. It works great along side other antenatal classes you may be taking. You will receive

- A workbook with notes from the session.

- Audio MP3s of selected breath work and relaxation practised through the session specific for labour.

3 part breath, Golden Thread, Full body relaxation, Light Cleansing Breath

- A digital version of My Sweet Love Birthing Position Cards outlining the asana's from the session

Postnatal Yoga with Baby Classes

Postnatal with baby classes are for those who have recently given birth. Perfect for anyone who is 8 weeks postnatal and been given the go ahead from their doctor. We focus on rebuilding from the inside and practising movement that is safe and effective in getting you to the next stage of your recovery. There is a strong focus on rebuilding your deep inner core along with relaxation and breath work. This class also provides you with that special time to connect with babies. 

Suitable for those with babies up to crawling. Currently not teaching.

*If you would prefer to practise in your own time with a pre recorded postnatal yoga package please check out my SHOP.

Women's Health Yoga

This class is for anyone who is ready to take the next step postnatally and practice without their babies. We'll move, relax and wiggle our way to a clear mind and relaxed body.  


take it easy, pop on some music and we'll begin!

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