If you are booking your first class with me I will need you to fill out a new joiner form

**Everyone is welcome to my class, however, starting Yoga is no different to starting any other form of exercise, the same advice applies, if you are not used to regular exercise then you should move carefully and wait until after 15 weeks if pregnant or 6 weeks postnatally (8 for csection) with sign off from your doctor. If in doubt, consult your doctor or midwife.** 


I offer Pregnancy In Person and Zoom classes to prepare you for birth through mindful movement that will keep you strong and fit, breathing techniques to take into labour and meditation to keep you calm and rested. My classes also give you an opportunity to meet others in your area.


1-1 classes allow us to tailor a class specific to your needs. This could mean - a partner class; focussing on breath and active birth positions; or working through a specific ailment so that you can join a regular class with confidence. 

Postnatal Yoga with Baby classes are a great way to rebuild from the inside out, helping you repair your body from birth in a gentle and super effective way, keeping your recovery safe and most importantly providing a special time to connect with your baby!


Each group has a Whatsapp group created to keep yogini mama's in touch and talking, so please let me know if you would like to be added. These groups have been set up as a genuine place for you to connect and create bonds for during pregnancy and beyond. 

So grab a mat, pop on some music and let's begin!

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