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Music to My Ears

Music can play such an important part in our lives, especially during big life moments. Music connects with us emotionally, it can energise us or calm us. It can be an anchoring support or an annoying distraction (when we're not in the mood).

Use these Spotify Playlists to start making your own birthing playlist. Choosing music that connects with you and transports you to your safe, calm space.

During labour the right music can help anchor us back to the present moment and a space of calm and comfort, and I'm guessing you know what the wrong music could do.

If you find music helpful in creating a calm and comforting space then perhaps a birth playlist is right for you!

On I have curated a list for the different playlists I play during my classes. Feel free to use these to help build a list for your birth or perhaps a list to use when baby arrives.

Throughout the coming weeks I will be sharing my Spotify Playlists with you over @mysweetloveyoga, so if you don't already come and join me on insta! I know some of my mums have used them to contribute to their birth playlists in the past and so I wanted to be able to make them readily available for others!

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