Welcome to MSL Yoga Community Library!

You will enjoy an ever growing library of Pregnancy Yoga (fertility and postnatal coming soon) - including full hour length classes, some shorter classes and plenty of relaxation - available on demand all through the month*.


As part of joining my YOGA COMMUNITY LIBRARY you will have access to

- an ever-expanding library of yoga and relaxation

- a community facebook group for you to all meet online and see how everyone is going

- me via email at any time


Many of these classes have been recorded via zoom, meaning they are full length including a relaxation at the end, and breathing techniques at the beginning. Many of the classes include alternative movements for PGP (just search for Pelvic Girdle Pain). It also means they are genuine classes being taught to people so will include all the quirks and personality of a regular class!

Subscribe below and come join me on the mat where we'll get prepping the mind and body for birth x

*Please note you can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking on your profile in the relevant channel and selecting 'cancel subscription', your subscription will then not renew.