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Having practised yoga for over 13 years and witnessing first hand the benefits of movement and mindfulness I decided to follow the path to becoming a fertility, pregnancy & postnatal yoga teacher. Pregnancy yoga offered me a new outlook and experience within my regular practise, allowing me to slow down and to connect with my body and baby. My teacher training through LushTums ignited a passion within to support those on their journey to parenthood, not only whilst pregnant but whilst trying to get there (having personally experienced the trials of infertility, multiple rounds of IVF and desperately seeking a safe space and practise that didn't stress me out more!); and during postnatal recovery too.


I offer nourishing classes exploring mindful movement.

Designed to keep you strong and healthy, chilled and relaxed, ease ailments and explore ways through yoga, to support you during infertility, prepare you for pregnancy & birth and to recover postnatally. I encourage community, as I know how much we can crave this during fertility struggles, pregnancy and parenthood. 



Breathe Move & Relax. 

This is the format I use for all my classes. I place equal importance on each of these yogic practises. I believe that by focussing on our breath, allowing our body to move and encouraging the mind to relax we are able to access a more balanced approach to life. 

"I always felt relaxed and calm after class.

With a toddler at home it was fab to get an hour for me and baby. I suffered with SPD and Cat was able to adapt the positions and stretches to ensure I was comfortable and didn't exacerbate anything! I highly recommend her class.


Laura, mum of 2

Why Practise Yoga

The overriding benefits of the yoga I teach, whether that is for fertility, pregnancy or beyond, is connecting you to your innate wisdom and taking a moment to quiet the mind, strengthen the body and melt into relaxation. I aim to provide a space for you to form a relationship with your body & self and to form connections with others who may be at the same stage as you. For more detail please visit here

"A huge thank you
to you Cat!

Your training played a huge role in keeping me calm and healthy during pegnancy and in making the first part of my labour a bit of a dream after a traumatic first birth. 

I haven't taken down your labour pratices from the lounge wall yet as they're a lovely reminder of how well things went on Monday. 


Steph, 2nd time mum

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