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Yes Yoga is great for stretching, breathing, prep and recovery, mindfulness, and mental health but a big part of it is community.

Community enables us to engage in conversations with likeminded souls about our concerns and worries as well as share in the triumphs and joys of relatable experiences. We are able to recognise we are not alone, that we are connected to a group of people that can genuinely relate to one another.

My Community Why

I’ve always been an advocate for community in my classes, wading through infertility, the joys (some good some not so good) of pregnancy and the celebration and condolences of new parenthood! 😆

And whilst our experiences may not be exactly the same, the support, understanding and help we receive from community is irreplaceable and quite frankly, I believe, lifesaving!

Below are some ways yoga community can help.

Fertility – can be a tough one. We’re on the same ride until we’re not. Until that friend who’s also struggled becomes pregnant. Until you’re both doing IVF and then you’re not, for varying reasons. But when you’re there, in the thick of it, talking about your experiences can make them seem less awkward or difficult. Laughing about wanda, crying about embryos and celebrating decisions. My group fertility classes are run online so that we can connect in the moment and decide later if we want to take the leap to IRL.

Pregnancy – sharing the sometimes odd physical changes, celebrating the kicks and releasing the worries. Making notes, learning from each other and swapping book recommendations. Sharing names (if you're keen) and realising there is no one shoe fits all.

Parenthood – Oh My God – parenthood. If you know you know, and if you don’t you soon will. Late night WhatsApp chats, reassuring words of wisdom (or just being reassuring), being held, the tears and the oh so many firsts shared as a group.

I’ve also found community rearing its beautiful supportive head during my daughter's first year of school. Who knew us parents needed support during this stage! I thought it was all about the kids.

From class WhatsApp groups to remind me to send my child into school wearing free dress (or to not send them in at all), afterschool playdates with wine, good conversation and happy kids in the garden, to golden parents doing pick up when work has overrun, or the train has let us down. Never have I needed this support so much! The ease of parents with no judgement, likeminded thoughts and of such incredible generosity has blown me away.

And so to you I say, COMMUNITY. The cornerstone of our survival and happiness.

Grab it and welcome it because it’s not only now during those early days that you will need it, I have a feeling it’s going to play a big part in our survival for many years to come.

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