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Below are helpful contacts of people and places I work with or have used during my fertility struggles and pregnancy. 

I hope they are helpful and any questions please shoot me an email! 

Beth AlVares

Beth is a Clinical Reflexologist who has an interest in stress and the impact this can have on mental and physical health. She is committed to supporting her clients to achieve wellbeing. 

Jackie Kietz Baby Bumps

Jackie is a NCT facilitator in the Bromley/Crystal Palace area, Reflexologist, Hypnobirther along with a suite of other birth related support.

LushTums LushTums Blog

LushTums is a yoga school and community of likeminded teachers dedicated to women’s health and supporting new mums through yogic practices.


Hannah Pearn (Fertility, Pregnancy & Women's Health)

Susana Pires (Fertility, Pregnancy & Breech)

Victoria Moss 5 Element Acupuncture (Fertility,Pregnancy and Paediatric)

Women's Health Physiotherapist

Leanne O’Brien @pelvic_health_physiotherapy

Mummy MOT Directory

Pregnancy MassagE

Lorena Ranson

complementary & alternative therapies

Modern Headphones


Music can play such an important part in our lives, especially during big life moments. Music connects with us emotionally, it can energise us or calm us. It can be an anchoring support or an annoying distraction (when we're not in the mood). You're probably not going to know until you're in the throws of birthing what it will be. However, if we practise with calming tunes it can help anchor us back to the present moment and a space of comfort.

Below you will find links to playlists from my Spotify account. Music that I often play in class. 

There are different playlists for different yoga classes. Feel free to use these to help build a list for your birth or perhaps a list to use when baby arrives. 


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