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I've had the opportunity to practise with some absolutely wonderful parents, their feedback helps me to grow and encourages me to continue to do this work. I hope the thoughts of others helps you decide if I'm the right fit as a yoga teacher for you.
We are all here to grow and learn together, I learn from you as much as you from me. 

I always felt relaxed and calm after class.

With a toddler at home it was fab to get an hour for me and baby. I suffered with SPD and Cat was able to adapt the positions and stretches to ensure I was comfortable and didn't exacerbate anything! I highly recommend her class.


Laura, Mama of 2

Mother Holding Baby Finger

I'm just going to gush at you now about how grateful I am that I found your classes.

Your attitude and approach have been fantastic in this strange world, thank you, so so much.

It was so funny, your voice was in my head from the guided relaxation in between my contractions in early labour 😂... 'drift off to that place between wake and sleep and just relax' got stuck, usefully on repeat in my head!

Can't wait to see you for the postnatal yoga.


Cath, New Mama

Mother and Baby

Postnatal Yoga
On Demand

Thanks Cat, just did the class and it was great, I feel a million times better in mind and body! My back has been killing me but feel all stretched out and relaxed, a definite incentive to do these classes regularly.


Katie - New Mum

Prenatal Yoga

Just to say thank you for this class :)

It was amazing as always and felt really good for the lower back, thank you. Looking forawrd to Saturday


Megan, Pregnant Mama

A huge thank you
to you Cat!

Your training played a huge role in keeping me calm and healthy during pegnancy and in making the first part of my labour a bit of a dream after a traumatic first birth. 

I haven't taken down your labour pratices from the lounge wall yet as they're a lovely reminder of how well things went on Monday. 


Steph, 2nd time mum

I've just done yesterday's session and enjoyed it very much, thank you!

I really like the balance of relaxation, breath work and strengthening in your classes - feels like it's helping me to relax now and prepare for birth too :)


Helen, 26 weeks pregnant

Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

I started yoga with Cat a 20 weeks pregnant at the start of lockdown.

The classes became a vital part of my antenatal care. Physically, the yoga helped me manage my pelvic girdle pain and maintain good health ahead of labour. It also became a little sanctuary of support with a great network of mums to be and aCat herself on hand for advice, support and kindness.


Katie, New Mama

Crib Mobile

Although it was not the birth I would have preferred I was still able to apply the movements & breathing techniques for labour you taught in class.

The really helped distract me from the sterile environment around me. I was even able to push through on just paracetamol, TENS and a little gas and air at the end.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you Cat. I've thoroughly enjoyed your pregnancy classes over the past few months and can't wait to join your face -to-face classes.


Delphine - New Mama


I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for giving me a safe space to start working out again, giving me the confidence to move again and the opportunity to reconnect with other adults and chat to other mums. 

I have SO enjoyed it and will really miss seeing you. 



Mother and Baby on Floor
Practicing Yoga with Babies


I just wanted to say a big thank you, and tell you how much I enjoyed your classes. I really loved the friendly and social environment you create, and your teaching really helped me build up my strength.

If I'm ever brave enough to have a third child, I will definitely join your classes again!



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