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with Jackie Kietz from Baby Bumps


We met up with Jackie from Baby Bumps who took us through questions and an overview of 'why' hypnobirthing. I love this idea that hypnobirthing can be used to reboot your mind and create a positive birth narrative. Whether that is for someone who has a clean slate without birth bias or someone who needs to rewrite a negative experience or has had exposure to negative birth stories.

Tips to help you choose which hypnobirthing method is right for you are: 1.Exploring the different methods, so read and share different books! 2. See which visualisations and affirmations resonate with you best.  3. Be open to the power of the mind and the scientific backing of creating a neural pathway of confidence and calm. Hypnobirthing techniques are not only for those births which follow an 'ideal / straightforward' path but it can also be helpful in births that may take an unexpected turn. It probably wont mean you have a pain free 'orgasmic' birth (believe it or not these do apparently happen! - I know, that's what I said) but it may help you have a positive birth experience regardless of where or how your birth takes place.  Jackie also mentioned she offers a 4 hour add on course for those already doing an antenatal course (such as NCT) and just want to focus on the Hypnobirthing aspect or perhaps are second time parents looking for a refresher.The short course be found here:

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