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I often hear from my pregnant mum crew about worries in the lead up to birth (totally normal!!) but for those of you who don't know about the Consultant midwife they are worth having a chat to! Especially if you're worried about induction or anything else your general midwife may have mentioned to you.

A little while back the fab Jackie from Baby Bumps told me about the Consultant Midwife. How they can help you and be your advocate during your pregnancy AND during labour.

You can request to speak to a Consultant Midwife (CM) by asking your current midwife to refer you for an appointment.

Why would you want to speak to one?

You may want to speak to a CM if you feel you are not getting enough from your current situation within the short midwife appointments you have, you have a concern about your birth or the choices which have been presented to you or you just feel like you need someone who will listen and give you time.

They are experienced midwives who can help you by: listening to any concerns or anxieties you may have about giving birth, discussing with you the most appropriate choices for you and your baby or working with you to create an individualised plan for the birth of your baby.

Find out more here through this conversation Jackie had with a Consultant Midwife based at Kingston Hospital, discussing the CMs very useful role.

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